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Are spiders in NYC big? I really wanna move to the city, but I’m not fond of spiders/cockroaches? ?

Should I be concerned about these?

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  • There are scarier bugs in nY than just spiders and roaches. People in NY dont


    use pesticides, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products like they USED TO (more than 60 years ago) anymore. People in the oce glrious empire state now buy their bread unpackaged,their meat from open air markets unrefridgerated, milk from cans and vegetables nad ohter prodice caked in dirt. Millenials love it so!  NYC now lives in 1850 all over again!

  • mokrie
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    1 month ago

    The only spiders I've seen in NYC are those tiny little guys that make fine webs up in room corners by the ceiling. If you have slobs for neighbors that leave food out then you may end up with roaches since they travel inside the walls and can pop out anywhere, usually in cabinets in the kitchen. Clean neighbors means no roaches. Keep all foods like cereal in glass or plastic jars with tight lids. No food out means no roaches. 

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