What causes tornadoes, and can California's Central valley get tornadoes?

Curious as the region is incredibly flat and surrounded by mountains, the coastal ranges and the Sierras. I thought tornadoes were the meeting of large warm and cold fronts. This seems like the perfect area to get tornadoes as there would likely be a confluence between the warm and cold fronts.

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    Q:  What causes tornadoes?

    A:  Tornadoes are not the meeting of large warm and cold fronts.

    Severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes under the right conditions.Tornadoes are thought to form when a low level roA:  ll of horizontally rotating air (imagine a pencil made of air rolling along just above and parallel to the ground) is drawn into the strong updraft of a severe thunderstorm.The rotating roll becomes stretched by the thunderstorm's updraft which causes it to spin even faster. We see a similar 'increased spin' effect when an ice skater spins faster and faster when her arms are pulled in close to her body.If there are stronger and stronger winds in the middle and upper reaches of the thunderstorm and these winds are changing direction as they climb...the rotation within the storm can become strong enough to produce a tornado.

    Q:  Can California's Central valley [sic] get tornadoes?

    A:  California's Central Valley can and does get tornadoes.

    Click through on each dot in California's Central Valley to see the location a frequency ...



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    They don't have tornadoes there because there isn't enough open, flat ground on either side, for the warm and cold fronts to move in uninterrupted by Sierra Mountains and the Ocean.

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    its just part of the weather

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