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How much should I charge to walk dogs?

Hi so I live in Hershey pa and I am starting a dog walking business, but I need to know  a few things; 

1. how much should I charge to walk a dog for 30, 60, and 90 minutes?

2. how much would you pay?

3. I will only be walking one dog at a time.

any and all help is appreciated.


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    $20, for 30 minutes, $35 for an hour, $50 for 90 minutes. 

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    A "business"?

    So you got a business license?

    You got insurance?

    You're going to track your income and report it to the state and on your income tax return?

    No one in their right mind would give you a $1 to walk their dog if you're not licensed and insured. Because what happens when one of the dogs yanks the leash and you fall and are insured?  What happens when you drop the leash and the dog gets hit by the car or attacks someone?I would NEVER pay anyone to walk my dog.  People that have to pay other people to walk their dogs shouldn't have them. The only time someone has ever walked my dog was when I was in the hospital for a few days for a surgery.  But this was a trusted friend not some clueless young person like you who probably would have lost him or gotten him injured.

    edit: "Hi, so i am a 16 year old girl." As I suspected you are a CHILD.  You can't "start a business" and without insurance you CAN'T walk people's dogs without the risk of being sued when you injure them, lose them or allow them to cause injury or damage to others.

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    I would have to ask other dog walkers what they charge & I don't know any.  We don't have dog walkers where I live.  I think prices would vary as to where you walked dogs.  Check with other dog walkers.  check the ads on Pet Service in the phone book.  What they charge in New York is a lot different if you live in Hollywood.

  • 1 month ago

    Depends on your age, credentials, experience... And if you are bonded/insured or not

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Costs depend on outgoings and market costs.......... so once you have your business plan in place, have got quotes for your public liablity insurance, professional indemnity insurance, costs of equipment, licencing if required, cost of animal first aid course, adverising/marketing costs etc etc then you will know your basic outlay costs...

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    Depends totally on your age,  qualifications and experience and of course insurance. 

    If you are a young person with no experience at all then you shouldn't be doing it at all.  If you decide to you'd better make sure you get people to sign a disclaimer as you will not get insurance for this. 

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    1 month ago

    Depends on your age, qualifications, and geographical area. I pay a certified vet tech who has a business license and is bonded and insured $15 for a half hour, to walk all three of mine at once on the rare occasion it's needed (for example, when I was briefly hospitalized). I wouldn't hire a child or uninsured adult at all. 

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    In my area it's $15-$30 an hour. But TBH, I'm not letting a complete stranger near my dogs. Between my wife and I. Our dogs average around 8 hours a week "on leash walking"(this does not include backyard playtime/dog run bathroom breaks). We live near a large park and beaches. Plus all of our dogs go to our local children's hospital as comfort dogs for the kids.

    You need to think about competitors, insurance, license(if needed, but you will need a business license), taxes and getting bonded.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need to make enough to pay for your liability insurance.  Only you know the cost of that policy.  Why is it important?  A dog walker in my City recently was walking a dog that attacked another dog.  The dog walker lost the lawsuit and paid the other dog's Vet bills, the Vet bills for the dog she was walking and lost wages for the other dog's owner who stayed home with the dog for almost 2 weeks.

    My dog walker is licensed, bonded, insured.  I don't know what Hershey, PA requires.  Mine is also certified in animal first aid.

    I am aware of another case in which a dog being walked frightened a woman who turned and fell, broke her arm, sued the dog walker AND the owner of the dog for her injuries.  Again, maybe bonding isn't a bad idea.

    I pay MY dog walker $50 an hour.  That includes the time from her house to my house, walking the dog and back to her house.  It averages out to 40 minutes of walking and 20 minutes of driving time.

    Your parents are fools if they allow you to do this UNLESS they discuss it first with the carrier of their homeowners insurance.  I'm sure 99% of the time there is no problem, but if there IS a problem, it can be costly.

    Would I allow a girl in high school with no insurance, no plans, someone who can't even figure out how much to charge, walk my dog?  No, I would not.

  • 1 month ago

    Know the value of a dollar. I'd say $5 for 30 minutes, $10 for an hour and $15 for 90 minutes

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