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Every state had protests but not every state had a resurgence in COVID. What is the common theme among states with spiking numbers?

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    They all reopened their economies too soon.

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    Based on my knowledge the common theme is that the states with "surging numbers" were states that have rapid and accessible testing.

    For example, my state does not have very many rapid tests. The majority of our testing takes days, even weeks to get results bad. So unless the entirety of my state tests at the same time, there won't be a surge in cases even if the numbers are increasing. And with people taking tests at different times, even if they all test positive it isn't going to look like a surge. 

    Not saying this is the case in every state, but for my state at least this is why our numbers don't show a surge when there maybe would have been if our tests were faster. 

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    People not wearing masks. 

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    In my state it's largely a matter of population density. This is why there are more cases even per capita in L.A. County than in the entire state of Wyoming. 

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    This may be the case but in cases like LA California they are seeing a massive spike after the protest.

    We can not blame the reopening because California is behind the rest of the country and just started their reopening. The only thing we can point to is the large protest in LA with no social distancing.

    But one common factor is that 40% of the new cases nation wide are from people ages 35 and younger.

    This is the age group that is out protesting in large numbers.

    Plus many of them are going out and partying without social distancing or mask.

    I read an article where Alabama is seeing those that are college aged that are specifically having covid parties to see who catches it first.

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    The testing spiked too .

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