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How do I prevent postpartum depression?

I have heard horror stories of women suffering from PPD and it makes them want to commit suicide or harm the baby. It scares me. 

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    There are several issues that cause postpartum depression.  Deal with those issues and you should be able to deal with any depression you might be feeling.

    First of all - find a way to get enough sleep for yourself.  Nap when the baby sleeps.  Have family or friends help you with caring for the baby so you can get some sleep.  Lack of sleep increases feelings of depression and helplessness which can leave you overwhelmed.

    Next, be sure to eat healthy and get regular meals.  It is sometimes hard when caring for a newborn, but be sure you are getting enough calories and calories from healthy choices.  Right after birth is NOT the time to start an obsessive diet and worry about dropping your weight.  It is a time to eat healthy and maintain your strength.  

    Now, the last big issue is one you don't really have control of.  Your body's hormones are going crazy trying to return to a more normal balance.  If you feel like the first two issues are well managed but you are still feeling overwhelmed and depressed - it might just be your hormones trying to get back into balance.  Be sure to talk with your doctor about how you feel and what sort of things are triggering your depression.  There may be temporary treatments that can help get you balanced sooner.

    When you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed - stop what you are doing - count to ten - take a few deep breathes and tell yourself that it gets better - and it does get better.

    With my first baby - I had some minor issues with very mild depression but I was able to get through it with the support of my spouse and knowing that it does get better when the hormones calm down.  

    Everyone experiences this differently and you won't know how you will handle it until it happens to you.  The majority of women get through it with just support from family and their own self determination.  

    Good luck.

  • Jill
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    1 month ago

    After your baby is born get help from supportive friends and family. Nap often to stay rested, eat a healthy diet, and get regular exercise. You should seek help early if you feel like you might be suffering from depression. 

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