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(Men) Does being sexual alleviate physical pain?

Is it really fact that (some) men enjoy being sexual when in physical pain? (Back problems, dental procedure pain, a blown knee, even when having a cold, things like that. Does sex really alleviate pain or discomfort for you? (Men)

On a side note, because my husband is one of those men that wants to be sexual during those times ... he also will wait till I've just fallen asleep to wake me and want sex. We'll have an appointment, or made plans to go to his parents or etc, and he wants sex before we go.  I always oblige, but I don't understand why (also) at inconvenient times? 

Another side note, our sex life is acceptable to both of us. Neither of us have any complaints really, other than me ... I'd prefer to enjoy our sexual life and don't like "quickies". Is that strange?

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    Not just for men, orgasm is just as helpful for women. it does not so much alleviate the pain as make your perception of the pain less. more like it increases your pain tolerance temporarily making the pain more bearable and less noticeable, except in case if menstrual cramps which can be alleviated by orgasm

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    Does for some women too, speaking from experience. 

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    relieves tension, but comes with pain of it's own something women wont understand

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    Sex can MASK the pain temporarily.  But if the pain is for a cause then further damage can be done and not noticed until after it is over.  After a hernia operation I had to sleep in a separate room for a while to avoid this risk.

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    I can't believe the total garbage men are coming up with to 'con' extra sex. Here's some news for you Einstein. If you're in a LOVING relationship - you don't have to come up with garbage like this to have sex. Pleasure a woman well enough, she'll be begging you . . .  And to answer your question - if you're in REAL pain - the last thing you want or are thinking of is sex!!

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