Seeing small moths flying about in bedroom, what do I do?

I live in a small cluttered council flat and my bedroom is most cluttered with my favourite clothes piled up on top of each other because my apartment is small and I don’t have the storage space....

Recently I the last few days I’ve seen a few little moths flying around in my bedroom and I’m concerned they’re clothes moths and they might harm my cotton clothes, ie- hoodies, t shirts, leather boots etc.

I found some moth repellent balls smelling of lavender, so I’ve put some in my bedroom....

But what else can I do? I don’t want these little ******* moths to harm my clothing..

I have many of my clothes stored in plastic bin bags but I’m still worried..

Any advice for a poor man on welfare benefits?

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  • 1 month ago
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    A good way to lure out residual moths is to draw them to light. They don't 'like' light per se but they use it to navigate apparently and will get confused in the dark. If you have a lamp or a torch or a phone or even a candle or something, turn that on and make the rest of the room as dark as possible. You might need to wait a little bit but you should find the moths flapping around that area rather than somewhere else. If you can draw some of them over there to the light then you can at least catch/kill some of the active moths. I'd advise using something like a teatowel to hit them with if you want to kill them, heavier or slower-moving items cause more disturbance to the air and are easier for moths to detect and avoid. Just keep spraying/repelling and culling the ones you can cull. I've heard cedar chips work well as a repellant as well as lavender too. Good luck in your moth-exterminating endeavours

  • 1 month ago

    they're probably flour moths look in your kitchen for flour that's infested or pet food or cereal if you find it use a plastic bag put the infected flower inside of it and get rid of it here's a picture of a flour moth

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