Do "furries" possess free will if animals do not?

If so, can we categorize said "furries" as animals and perhaps try selling them off as domestic pets? Preferably in China.

1 Answer

  • Sky
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    If by "furries" you're referring to cartoon animal characters, they don't actually exist.

    If by "furries" you mean anthropomorphic animal creatures, they don't actually exist.

    If by "furries" you mean people who are part of the furry fandom and enjoy the artistic creativity and fantasy of anthropomorphic cartoon animal characters, they are human beings with every bit as much free will as any other human.  Additionally, human beings ARE animals.  Humans are a species of animal, even if some qualify intellectually as a rock or vegetation.  If free will actually exists, which is debated by philosophers and debaters of logic and skepticism, then animals have free will just as much as humans do.  The rest of your question is a just plain stupid waste of time.

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