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Why is working out getting harder not easier?

I’ve been trying to get back into running. I ran 1.5 miles ;I’m rusty ok) Yesterday I digs it no problem today I kept having to stop to catch my breath. My 1.5 miles was 14 minutes. Yesterday it was 12. Shouldn’t it be getting easier not harder? What gives?! 

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    I take it you are new to running. Your experience isn't unusual.  

    It takes time for your body to adjust. You want to measure progress over weeks and months, not days.  There is too much variation one day to the next.

    When you run, your body experiences micro-damage.  You improve between runs, when your body repairs the micro-damage. This takes time. It can take more than a day.

    Runner's have a rule of thumb: A workout done today will have it's maximum effect in about 2 weeks, assuming workouts between now and then are reasonable for your current level. 

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    You won't necessarily see improvement every day. Some runs will be faster and/or easier than other runs. Time of day, what you had to eat and when, your mental state, the conditions/environment (esp if you run outdoors) during your run, how rested you were, etc can all impact how you run at any given time. 

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    It gets easier as you grow more muscle and more stamina, better lung capacity, etc, but it won't change from one day till the next and your progress won't be linear either.

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