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Why should America be a democracy? ?

I don’t think that people are well-equipped to choose a candidate in presidential or gubernatorial elections because there’s no way we’re all keeping up with—or invested in/—what’s going on in every state across the country. Should we all get to decide who presides over the country? Wouldn’t it be better if we all just voted in local elections?

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    Yeah, I tend to agree with you.   Only 30% vote as is.  They all scream and holler about govt and stay away in droves on voting day.  Many have no idea who their reps are.   So you get the govt you want.

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    I see you got a lecture on your word choice—Perhaps you didn’t waste your time reading the Federalist Papers, like poor Ana and I. Don’t worry, we all know what you mean. 

    I don’t think that America should necessarily be a democracy. I think that it’s good that we’re given incentive to care about things happening at the national level. Although we all know that electors cast the votes for us, we expect their votes to represent the majority of votes from the general public—not always the case, but we all vote with this expectation. That said, I don’t think that the general public should be represented in this way. Our votes should not count in a presidential election. There should be requirements for office, like a record of community service, military service, infallible integrity, experience in local government, 85%majority vote from HR and Sen.—there should be no campaign fundraising requirements, and there should be no campaigning. Candidates should be required to raise money for charity instead.

    It would be better if we all focused on local/state government because the impact legislation passed is often more important than who is presiding over the country.

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    That's why when the president fights congress, he is actually fighting us, the people who elected our representatives and senators. 

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    We'd probably be better off if our federal government was just a very powerful AI capable of taking in all the pertinent data and churning out laws and policies that benefit the greatest number of citizens. But then humans would fight over which data is valuable and we'd end up much as we are now in this state of partisan stultification. Some radical ecologists think the world would be a better place without humans in it at all, and I might be starting to agree with them. 

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    No. Democrats want total control so first they keep opening and closing businesses so now people do not have jobs or an income. Then they defund and disband all police forces giving them the power to now take your guns and making you totally dependent on the government. You have no job, no income, no place to live and no one to defend you and since they took your guns you cannot defend yourself or your family. Do not allow this to happen. Wake up and take your country and freedoms back. They are creating chaos everywhere setting the stage for the anti-Christ to come and set up the New World Order. The Rapture is coming soon.

  • Ana
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    We’re not a “democracy”. We are a “Constitutional Republic.”

    They’re similar, and both are better than communism or fascism or totalitarianism in general (which encompasses both fascism and communism) of course, but there’s a couple key differences between democracy and a republic:

    1) in a constitutional republic, we have elected representatives who promote positions they support. We vote for the representatives who best reflect our values. We don’t vote personally on every single small issue, as it would take too much time in a society this complex and large. 

    2) in a constitutional republic, the 51% cannot vote to enslave, harm, take guns away from, kill, or steal from the 49%. There’s laws, and a Constitution, and elected representatives must only enact policies within our existing framework of the Constitution. 

    3) In short; in a constitutional republic, you’re protected by a Constitution of inalienable rights which can’t be taken away by elected representatives and new laws can’t be made that infringe on your constitutional rights... At least in theory, as long as everybody respects and follows the Constitution

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