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Why do I have to pay the school after dropping a class?

I enrolled in three summer courses (Anatomy, Spanish, and Psychology) at my local community college. All were online due to COVID-19. At the end of May, I started Anatomy and Spanish. During this time, I was able to only buy my Anatomy textbooks (I paid out of pocket because I hadn’t received my aid). That week after, I was notified by the school that I could drop any course before 6/4 and I would be entitled to a full/partial financial aid refund. I only had a few days to decide. I had no money to pay for my other textbooks/materials and the temporary trial my instructor gave me for Spanish was about to expire, so I decided to drop it and Psychology on 6/4. My financial aid was released on 6/5 (It went straight to the school) and I received a refund for the classes that were dropped soon after that. A few weeks later, I received an email from the school. It stated that I now have a balance and I can no longer receive any more aid/loans or register for anymore classes until it is paid. I also received a grant that they are holding and I can’t use it to cover the balance. Is this legal? I can’t afford to take out any private loans. Since I’m usually full time, I expected the money refunded to me would be for living expenses. I’m currently looking for employment just so I can pay this debt, but it’s extremely hard to find anyone who is hiring right now. Any suggestions on what I can do? 


Sorry I meant to say by the 4th. There was suppose to be no penalty until after that date.

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    If you had to drop the class BEFORE 6/4 and you waited until 6/4 to do so, then you were late.  Clearly there is some sort of miscommunication or misinformation involved here, and we cannot help you with that.  You would have to take this up with the college.  If you did drop the classes by the deadline, then you should be entitled to your refund.  However, some financial aid only applies if you take a full-time course load, and some financial aid does not apply toward summer classes.  So there are a lot of factors and variables here that could have affected how this played out.  

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    Yes, you have to pay for classes if you drop them after a certain date.  that is because there is limited seating in most classes.  Because you were registered for the class, they can not put another student into that seat.  When you drop the class, it cost the college money they could have collected from that other student.  They have to recover at least some of that money somehow.

    It is legal for them to charge you for those classes.  Check the paperwork that you signed and it you will see that you agreed to pay for those classes if dropped after a certain date.  And it is legal to hold your other money until the classes that you signed up for and agreed to pay for are paid for.

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