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If our behaviour determines who stays and leaves in our lives, will someone always be alone then if they can't manage to keep anyone around?

I have a few mental illnesses which mean that I have anxiety, PTSD, major depression etc and when someone gets close to me I end up pushing them away and if they upset me or say something hurtful etc then I will say things very very cruel and end up just being horrible. I've lost so many people I've loved so much because my stupid behaviour. I'm left grieving everyday for those people and missing them so much. All because I reacted badly. Or behaved in a way to push them away. This makes me just believe always be alone then and that I should just accept this. This hurts though. I crave someone close and connection and grieve so much for losing those I've loved. I loved them so deeply. But they all cut me out because I ended up over reacting or doing something. I've been to therapy my whole life. But this is just me. I'm screwed up and just not worth it. Not sure what I'm asking. Just I guess if others are in the same boat or how to accept I'll just be alone

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    Bad premise.  Our behavior can contribute to who stays or goes in our life, but certainly doesn't determine it.

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