What are the dangers of this?

So a week ago I went to planned parenthood to get sti tested because I was having burning when I pee. The doctor said she was gonna prescribe me uti medication in the meanwhile my prescription came in. I didn’t think it was a uti since I used to get those and know it was different I kind of had a feeling it was chlamydia because recently a guys ex gf (she saw I was going over his house through instagram) told me he had chlamydia in the past so to get tested and so I knew. Anyway point is I never went to go pick up the pills that day and today my doctor called saying I did have chlamydia and she sent my prescription to the same ones she did with the uti. When I got my pills I saw there was one that said to drink 2 at once and the other said drink 2 for 3 days. I drank 3 at once. One was sulfamethoxazole and the 2 were azithromycin. I realized right now since I was doing research that the sulfamethoxazole I drank was for uti. Could this possibly make the azithromycin fail or could something bad happen for this mistake?

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  • 3 months ago

    No, don't worry about it. They're both antibiotics, but some work better for different things. Just keep taking the azithromycin as prescribed. Put the other container away. 

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