How do I fix a broken VA link, or Who do I contact.?

I am stuck in an infinite loop on the online "Intent to file" application through the VA site. I go to "file for disability increase" link. I click continue application. I select what I am trying to increase. I'm good to go to the next step but I cannot get past step 2. when I click continue it kicks me out of the application and I have to once again click continue application only to select my disabilities once again and click continue to once again to be kicked out of the application... yup once again. infinite loop. Its frustrating.  

P.S. I am filing through not eBenefits. when I went through eBenefits I got a message saying to go through the VA. I do not want to start a new intent because my intent is for march and I would be losing back pay of 4 months if I create a new intent. 


P.S.S I have called the VA and contacted their help desk. they have told me that they can only guide me to where I want to go they have no control of website errors. 

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