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This world and this life is one big lie and illusion ?

The earth is in fact, less than 5000 years old,  the moon landing never happened, gravity doesn't exist and the earth is nothing like its presented to us in books, movies etc and its real shape is hidden from us. Moreover,  earth is not as big as its claimed (its actualy way smaller) and the moon is similar to a spherical bulb,  its hollow.

Space stations are filmed on earth,  much like the moon landing was. Satellites cannot do what people say they can do in the theremosphere so thats a myth too.

All of this is something I was told the other day by a Professor of Physics who has over 40 years of experience in various disciplines of Science namely Physics.

If all of the above is wrong, are you claiming that Professor is wrong ?

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  • Your professor is an ignoramus who should be stripped of his professorship.

  • Tom
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    Check out the Videos of HUT (Holographic Universe Theory ) Physics.-----LOTS of evidence for it and it is rapidly gaining favor by high profile physics.---The evidence will disturb you, to say the least.

    Basically there is a "Higher" and lower "reality".  In the higher reality, exist all the particles, but there is no SPACE between them---Space as a distance between or a "Position" does not exist there.

    Our 3-D lower reality arises as a function of our PERCEPTION of wave attributes of the particles(they are ultimately waves anyway) our senses perceive some attributes as POSITION in a 3D SPACE---not unlike how our eyes see some frequencies of EMR as "the COLOR red" for example.

    Since our own particles are part of the higher reality too and everybody sees this the same, we perceive a 3D universe or "lower reality" around us.  Einstein's Protégé, David Bohm, used this to explain how Quantum Entanglement (Einstein's "spooky movement at a distance" happens.  How two particles, light years apart can respond to changes in each other instantly---because in the higher reality they are in effect, right next to each other.  we only perceive them in our lower reality as being separated apart in space.

    So in effect The 3D universe may indeed BE an illusion of sorts.  Another corrilary would be like a Video game, such as "Second life", where the CODE is a one or two dimensional stack of data in a chip in a computer. the only REAL aspect (A higher reality)---The processor and the screen generate an "illusionary 3D universe on which we play the game on.

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    RE: ". . . gravity doesn't exist . . ."

    A hypothesis is tested by experiment. Since you assert that gravity doesn't exist, why don't you try stepping off of a second floor balcony and observe the results?

  • Manuel
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    1 month ago

    I was wondering  where the question is in your statement, perhaps you had overlooked it?

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  • Clive
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    1 month ago

    If you have an actual question, please feel free to ask it.

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    Appeal to authority is a fallacy.  It's possible for you to use equations to work out the mass of our natural satellite.  If you are near a tidal body of water without funnelling effects etc you can measure how much the tides vary and from that calculate the force of lunar gravity.  You can also use Kepler's third law of planetary motion to work out how far away it is and from observing its apparent diameter how large it is.  From this you can deduce that it isn't hollow.  You can also work out how large Earth is by measuring the length of shadows at midday on the solstice a considerable distance apart, by using trigonometry.  My own experience of surface travel (because airliners block direct observation) is about two thousand kilometres across diagonally.  Everything I observed within that area was consistent with the idea that Earth is the shape and size it is.  You can also use train timetables for this purpose.  They guarantee that Earth is roughly spherical and that it's about 40 000 km in circumference.

    Go to for the Apollo mission stuff which proves astronauts did go there and come back.  You can see the ISS fly overhead regularly.  It exists whether or not there are people on it, but there clearly are people on it.  You can probably find people who have seen launches via degrees of separation.  Use people you trust.

    You do not need to rely on information from other people to check this out.  You can reproduce the many experiments which have been used to establish these facts.  I have done some of these.  They all match up with what we're told.

    I can't account for the professor's behaviour unless she was either kidding you or has entered cognitive decline.  That does happen.  David Bellamy is a good example of that.

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    Not only is the professor wrong, so is everyone else.  The universe is a hologram, we are nothing but light beams and energy fields banging into each other, while atoms are a vacuum, with no matter inside.

    So there.

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    Your meds have clearly failed.

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    Yep, sure am.

    I find it extremely ironic that, it seems, your 'professor' friend and his brain, actually live on another planet themselves..!? (which, according to him, may or may not exist either!?) LOL

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    --"If all of the above is wrong, are you claiming that Professor is wrong ?"


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