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How much Acrylic paint would it take to cover a large canvas?

I have never painted anything before. I want to decorate my place and bought a 68in (7ft) tall canvas that is 15in wide. It it huge and I was wanting to cover the whole canvas in a base color. I was told to use Acrylic paint but I need to know how much it would take to cover the whole thing. Would it be better to do the 2oz tubes or find bigger ones? 

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    7 feet is 84", you have 5'8". You have 7 square feet of canvas - 68" X 15" = 1020/144= 7.08 square feet.

    >Q. How much area will the paint cover?

    A. Paint coverage varies depending on the absorbency of the surface and how rough or uneven it is. Raw canvas, stucco, cement and rough wood will get low coverage. Gessoed and previously painted surfaces will get high coverage. Approximate coverage is: gallon, 240-320 square feet; quart, 60-80 square feet; pint, 30-40 square feet. Allow extra paint when mixing colors. Theoretical spreading rate @ 1 mil dry film thickness is 600 square feet per gallon.

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