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Here in New York Coronavirus cases are way down. Will they sky rocket in a month or so again due to the increase nationally in cases?

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    PROBABLY. It is extremely difficult to control domestic travel into New York. MOST will follow the rules. A FEW REFUSE TO.

    Think back when dozens of cases were tracked back to just one man who self isolated but his family went about as normally spreading it for him.

    Curious do you think that New York front line healthcare people will eventually get fed up over never ending shifts and never ending lines of those wanting a test. They too want to get out and enjoy the summer. Staying by the bedside of someone struggling to breathe hour after hour does wear on you.

    It is up to you and just 330,000,000 others if they want to end it fast or just drag it out because the constitution does not restrict STUPIDITY of your actions.

    WASH your Hands, Wear a mask when appropriate and just stay home as much as possible for the next few months.

    Seriously washing your hands has been something recommended for over 100 YEARS

    Cases are way down? That  is just a number. If you are one of that number or your family member is one then the virus is horrible. If it is someone down the street then it is just bad for them and not too important is the attitude of many.

    For just the city.

    Cases    212,072

    Hospitalizations    54,960

    Confirmed deaths*Deaths following a positive COVID-19 laboratory test    18,492

    Probable deaths Cause of death reported as "COVID-19" or equivalent, but no positive laboratory test    4,604

    Updated:    June 30, at 2 p.m.

    Which number is down?

    Thousands stream in and out of the state everyday . What they did while out of state NO ONE KNOWS.

    Tokyo has a much larger population and a much smaller number?

     Number of Test positives (Cumulative) 6,225 persons  

    Hospitalized 264 persons      

    Mild-moderate 254 persons        Serious symptoms 10 persons  

    Receiving treatment at lodging facilities 71 persons   

    Recuperating at home 38 persons  

    Hospitalization / Medical treatment, etc. 80 persons   

    Passed away 325 persons

    Last update: Jun 30, 2020, 18:00

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