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Does the Motorcycle MSF safety course waiver the road test in the state of New Jersey? ?

Does the MSF safety course waiver the road test portion of the exam to get your license in NJ? Or do you have to complete a road test regardless, thanks! 

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    Contact the safety course you are considering taking and ask if they are part of the process of getting a license - they will be able to better tell you than anyone here.

    It's definitely a good idea to take an MSF course - even if you do have to do a road test later (although 30 years ago when I took mine in TN, the 'road test' consisted of me sitting on the bike, showing them that the turn signals, brake lights, and high/low beams worked - then riding to the end of the parking lot and back without falling off).

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    You get tested (even if you were trained by GOD) He does not drive so he knows schit.

    The EXAMINER is the God you must satisfy.  If you read the training manual then there is nothing to it.  Just don't do the exam with you on the biggest meanest HARLEY & you are a 4'6" dwarf.  You got to show you can handle the bike by riding an obstacle course and shift...and give proper hand signals.  This is the same rule for EVERY STATE.  I mean, if you want the endorsement.  Maybe you don't want it, then NEVER RIDE ON THE ROAD.

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    Rider's the noun. Ride's the verb. Thinker's the noun. Think's the verb. Waiver's the noun. Waive's the verb. Yasee, Inglish ain't sew haard fur dem whut kin thimk.

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