Weather Location Widget Can't Be Changed or Deleted in New Yahoo Profile in Yahoo Mail Inbox?

A few days ago, there was an update to my Yahoo Mail account, where if you click on your user name, you get a Yahoo Profile consisting of Weather, Horoscope, and Finance information. I was able to remove the Horoscope  and Finance widget, but I am not able to change the Weather widget to my location city and make my location "hold" after signing out of Yahoo Mail.  I also can not make the weather widget delete permanently,  If I try to delete the Weather Widget, on my next Yahoo Mail log in, not only does it never hold my city and state after selecting "Detect this location" or even manually entering the location, it goes back to Sunnyvale California every time.  If I can't get the weather widget to hold my city and state and each log in, I want it deleted from my account. Anyone else having this issue?


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