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Why can't schools fire undeserving professors/teachers?

Many students hate profs because they are hard but that is baby talk. As long as they give the deserving grade then I think that prof is a good prof. However there is this physical education coach who fails students at her pleasing. If she hates you, you fail the class even if you are like Arnold in his Mr Olympia Days. I failed her class to. My friend who is nearly ripped got the same score as me in the Physical Examinations and I got a higher score than him in the bleep test because I participated in marathon runs ALOT. However I still Failed the class and my friend passed. Many people have been complaining about her. One person had to switch schools because he lost his scholarship due to failing Physical Education under her. He is even in the football team.  She has been in the school for like 8 years now and There are like more than 300 students she failed already. I feel like I wanna rally all of them up includig alumni and get her fired. 

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    Unfortunately, once a veteran teacher earns tenure, state and local policy make it complicated and cumbersome to fire him, even if he has demonstrated time and again that he is a poor educator. This seems illogical, or at least counterproductive, since research also shows that achievement would rise, achievement gaps would narrow, lifetime income would increase, and economic growth would surge if we identified and then replaced the bottom 5 or 10 percent of the teacher quality distribution.

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