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Finally allowed to take driver's skills test - nervous/need input?

I'm finally able to take my driver's skills test tomorrow afternoon after getting placed on hold thanks to COVID-19. I'm excited it'll be over, but I'm scared. I REALLY need to pass as I'm an ADULT learner (long story, not going into that).

Anyway, I've seen video of the new course. Basically, they just changed it to a closed course in the exam center's parking lot to create a short, mock "town" instead of having the driving instructor go for a drive around the real town with you because they do not want instructor's getting into your car now. I seen stuff like stop signs, a yield sign, etc. and heard from someone else who tested recently that basically all you do is drive slow kind of like you're in a school zone, stop at the stop sign, make a left turn, stop again, make a right turn, go into a parking place, and back out of said parking space. I know how to do all that just fine... but the yield sign got me. If it's a CLOSED course with no traffic, how do I obey that properly? Just stop and pretend to let someone go? Our maneuverability portion has not changed. We still use cone markers (5 - one starting/stopping point marker and then 2 on each side as "place markers"). We still pull through them first, stop, then back through them and stop.

We also need to have a licensed driver inside with us since no examiner will be inside. Does this mean I can drive myself (with my licensed driver) to the center or does the licensed driver have to drive to the appointment?


I'm ok with pulling through the markers. I've drove in construction zones (some quite tight/annoying) while I've been driving with my permit and I've done very well and have never hit (or came close to hitting) any of the cones or other construction equipment. I've also backed out of LOTS of parking spaces/drive ways and the people who have drove with me have said I park very well and do really well overall behind the wheel.

Update 2:

While that makes me feel good, I'm still scared I might fail. Knowing someone is going to be outside, watching everything I do and judging me for it scares me. As an adult, I have A LOT riding on this. I need it for work and everything else. I fear I will do something wrong and fail, especially during the reverse portion of the maneuverability section. I also fear not passing the eye exam due to being nervous. My permit says A (aka NO restrictions) and I want my license to as well! 

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    Do not pretend unless they tell you.  If you stop at a yield sign, then they will think that you don't know the difference between a yield sign and a stop sign.  Simply look, like you normally would, and if there are no cars and no pedestrians, then go.  Keep in mind that they might have more than one person taking the test at a time (in different cars), so you may have to let someone really go first (not pretend).

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