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If the Muslim world attacked Europe in revenge for its historic crimes and Spain was about to collapse, would Latin America help the West?

Or would Madre España fall once more to darkness?

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  • John
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    6 months ago

    The muslims (Ottoman Empire) invaded Europe in wars of conquest from around 1430 to 1730 and also the Moors invaded and occupied most of Spain earlier in the Middle Ages.   Also muslim Barbary pirates from the north Africa coast regularly abducted white Europeans and made them slaves.    So it works both ways.   You've got your history wrong.  

  • 6 months ago

    Muslims are invading liberal Uruguay and demanding help to sacrifice goats. I read this online.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    *Which historic crimes? Muslims have also invaded European nations in several occasions...

    (there's no evidence this will ever happen in the foreseeable future.)

    No, I personally think it's far more likely that a superpower like the U.S. or even China would help the EU in that case. Latin American countries do not have much military strength as far as I know, and they're already busy solving their own conflicts...

    It's not that Spain cares about them, either...

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    historic crimes? revenge from muslims? muslims and jews and africans themselves had been enslaving africans and everyone else since long before europeans came to the scene... the reason that there's not many complaining about that is ignorance, denial, subversion and the fact that muslims castrated their male slaves so they couldn't reproduce and have their offspring forever complain about it..

    also, over a million europeans (and many more millions of black africans and who knows what else) were captured and sold on arab/ottoman slave markets:

    slavery is as old as humanity, and your anti-white/anti-european bullshit is even older

    same with the crusades... muslims had been invading all over southern europe, taking the iberian peninsula, parts of Italy, the balkans, the holy land, etc hundreds of years before the first crusade to take back those christian lands.

    muslims have never been victims, and are the most deceitful and dishonest people this side of the sun (along with their blood brothers, the jews)

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  • Andrew
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    7 months ago

    Muslims are always too busy fighting amongst themselves to be in a position to form a united front against anybody. Very few exceptions aside, the Muslim world hasn't produced a reasonably powerful military in a thousand years. The Ottoman Empire and its successor state, Turkey, is arguably the most powerful military in the Muslim world, and should Turkey become embroiled in a dispute with Spain, it would be disastrous for whichever country decided to resort to military force first because both are NATO member states, and whoever fired the first shot would be in danger of being on the receiving end of a retaliatory attack that would be positively devastating. 

    I realise that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic and a recognised nuclear power, but aside from their non-conventional arsenal, they don't present much of a threat to the heavy hitters in the West. Iran are certainly a regional power, but would be completely at a loss to hold their own against the full brunt of a NATO attack. Saudi Arabia is essentially just a Western-backed regime that's completely propped up by American dollars and American influence. If the Americans were to turn off the flow of cash and discontinue arms shipments, they'd be in some sorry shape overnight. In fact, all three of those countries would have a more immediate threat to counter than being relentlessly pummeled by Western rockets and bombs - the threat of a successful coup removing the sitting government. 

    North African Muslim states would never support an attack on Spain because they rely very heavily on trade and tourism and a very good portion of that trade and tourism involves Europe. Any Middle Eastern state stupid enough to consider attacking a European country would also have to contend with Israel, whom the United States would likely not be able to restrain at that point, and we all know how miserably the Arab states bordering Israel have fared in their previous attempts to go toe to toe with them. Pakistan is checked by India and China who certainly would not condone Islamabad taking any action that might result in a long, drawn out conflict that would result in the militaries of several Western countries operating close to their borders. And Central Asian Muslim countries exist within the shadow of Russia and are incapable of entering into conflicts that Russia might not grant permission to engage in. That leaves a small smattering of countries in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, most of which are so indescribably poor and corrupt to even begin to contemplate to take on a highly developed first world power. 

    Attacking a host of different countries from a particular region under the pretense that people who lived in that corner of the world centuries ago had wronged people who lived in your corner of the world centuries ago is not a logical or sensible course of action. It's doubtful that any nation might somehow manage to convince another to get on board with a ludicrously imbecilic idea like that to begin with. It's not as though Europeans wouldn't be able to point out the litany of wrongs Muslims have committed against Europeans over the course of history. 

    The Muslim world had its day. Today belongs to the West. Tomorrow there might be a new contender for top dog, but it certainly won't be a predominantly Muslim country, not by a longshot. Not in 100 years, not in 1,000.  

  • TB12
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    7 months ago

    And what would they be able to do,,, the entire combined military strength of all Latin American countries would still be less that of any European country.

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