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appliance not working as intended?

I purchased a philips dehumidifier and I noticed the fan which has three speeds, sometimes automatically goes into full even when in manual mode where the user is supposed to be able to select the fan speed themselves. Sometimes it happens after 5 mins, other times after a longer while, there doesn't seem to be a pattern.

I understand there may be a reason for this, maybe prevent overheating or to make it more efficient, maximizing airflow while the compressor is on and all that.

The thing is, there is nothing in the manual to suggest any of this and manual mode is supposed to give the user full control. When I called the customer service, they did not appear to know this was a thing. They tested their own machine upon my insistence and confirmed it's the same but can't offer up an explanation.

It seems like there should be something in consumer law that covers this as it seems like a basic thing manufacturers should make their customers aware of.

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  • 2 months ago
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    There is no law about this, 

    and there Should Not be one.    

    Manufacturers are already overburdened by useless regulations.  


    As for Philips customer service --- IT SUCKS. 

    Getting a useful answer to any question is nearly impossible. 

    It seems strange to me that a company with so much to lose 

    is so opaque about its products and how to use them, 

    but that's how Philips has been for a long time. 


    Technically, it is possible that there is a fault, 

    but you might know that with certainty only if you had a service manual 

    for the appliance in question. 

    A look at the schematic diagram could help; 

    in particular, any relay that would bypass user control would be evident.  


    If the control scheme is entirely electronic, the diagram 

    would Not reveal the unit's ability to override user settings. 

    Of course, since their unit works the same way yours does, 

    it appears that yours is "normal", 

    but that still doesn't answer your basic question. 


    You could consult one or more local appliance repair shops 

    and ask if they know the exact way your model is supposed to operate, 

    but it is possible that no one outside of Philips really knows, 

    which of course would put you right back were you started.   



    Good luck. 



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