Why do people think all lives matter? ?

I'm not sure why there are people who think all lives matter. Are white people living the same struggles as minorities? No. White people have privileges that give them an easier life than black people and other minorites. Personally I think black lives matter because they don't get to just walk down the street worry free. White people can do whatever they want without worrying about police. When black people aren't even doing anything wrong they still have to worry. It's disgusting that all these Trump supporters are trying to say they struggle just as much as black people. Inoccent black men and women are getting killed by police just because of the skin they were born with. Nobody can help how they're born. Innocent trans women are getting killed by police just for trying to love their lives. It's absolutely disgusting that people even think they can say "all lives matter". Like realistically yes every life on this earth matters, but black people and other minorities are the ones suffering. What's your opinion? 


This website is filled with rasict homophobic people. Black people are being actively opressed. Not white people. 

Update 2:

If there are 5 children and one of them scrapes their knee, are you going to give all 5 kids a bandaid? No. You're going to give a bandaid to the child who scraped their knee

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    While it's certainly true that more white people have easier lives than most blacks, there are PLENTY of whites who have had horrible and difficult lives too - and a lot of blacks who have risen to the top of their professions and society. It's just silly to think that black people are the ONLY people in the world who have EVER had a hard time.

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    Your attitude!

    Black people are getting killed because of their attitude.

    There was a movie-The Hate You Give- the young black guy was stopped by the police in it. 

    He was told not to move, but he thought he would comb his hair ?! 

    Obviously the policeman thought he was reaching for a gun. 

    1. when black people are most likely have a gun on them, why the hell are you so surprised that the police will shoot????????????????????

    2. Why is it so difficult to stay put? To say your name without getting agro?

    You know exactly how black people in the poor neighbourhood perceived, with the attitude you are just reinforcing the stereotype. 

    3.I'm in Europe, and yeah I don't have to worry about the police. Why? Because we behave according to the rules. Guess what, white people are stopped too, they are asked to prove their id in hotels, they are asked to quiet their kids, Polish people in the UK were called 'vermin' and they were threatened, I've heard myself when the probably Polish woman complained in the shop, the Indian cashier told her straight to go back home as this is not the country for her. I could go on and on. 

    4. And I hope you realise there are a lot of white countries that are treated like ****. Looking at Eastern Europe for example or even Southern Europe. 

    5. Judging by the recent events in the US, and reading the comment section on American newsites, blacks need to grow the **** up, go to school and educate themselves. Because so far I only see children throwing a tantrum. 

    Oh yeah, and as a 40 something Eastern European in the UK, without proper education, I have no privilege. 

    I am told to go home if I don't like it because they don't need my kind here, while the blacks can go and get free education, even all those Nigerian "princes", who just came to the country. 

    This is my opinion. 

  • 1 month ago

    Your right, your life doesn't matter but to everyone else theirs does. It is not racist to say All Lives Matter, in fact I would go so far as to say the slogan BLM is very racist, it insinuates that ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER, in fact the leader of the Toronto BLM has said as much, she siadi that WHITE PEOPLE ARE SUBHUMAN. And a few other things, if that isn';t freaking racist I don't know what is. I was brought up to believe ALL PEOPLE HAVE VALUE, but when I hear garbage like she spewed you can understand why I won't support a RACIST BUNCH OF IDIOTS WHOSE MAIN GOAL  isn't about equality but rather SUPERIORITY. The BLM movement is as racist as the KKK movement. Both deserve scorn.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ask the whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe how much their lives matter, especially the farmers.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes white people live same struggles as you racist 

  • 1 month ago

    Because all lives do matter. True Christians view all human beings as equal. Black and white is a human concept that is damaging. I see people and I don't see colour. Christians are obligated to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ otherwise they have no right to call themselves Christians. Jesus said at John 15:17, I command you that you love one another.

    He also said that his true disciples are identified by the love they have for others. At Acts 10:34, 35 we are told, 'Now I truly understand that God is not partial but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.' Peter stated that in the Acts account because he was showing partiality to Gentile Christians and had to be pulled up for it. As humans we have no right to judge, restrict, limit or treat anyone differently on the basis of skin colour, race, nationailty, language, gender - you name it. Racism is a by product of this evil world system that Jesus promised would be done away with. True Christians look forward to the time when the entire earth will be restored as God originally purpose and under the rulership of Christ's heavenly kingdom. National borders, race and whatever else that divides people will cease to exist. See Psalms 37:8-11 and verse 29 for a foretaste of that promise. For more information that will provide you with comfort and hope, please go to questions answered.

  • Paul
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    1 month ago

    Many white people ARE members of minorities - socially, financially, etc. And many black people are not.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    All lives matter because we are all human beings. You ignorantdipshit.

  • 1 month ago

    Are you aware of the fact that there are ethnically white minorities within the same country, and that whites are a minority in non-white countries?

    >White people can do whatever they want without worrying about police.

    Not true... go to Japan and they'll arrest you more often if you don't *look* like an ethnic Japanese.

  • 1 month ago

    As insignificant as we are, as an example, every nanosecond counts one way or the other it matters.

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