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How to stop someone from editing Wikipedia article?

It was on a war during the 17th century. The Original page stated 8 million deaths. Which is correct, but someone along the way edit that out to 800 hundred thousand. Which is false. I decided to edit the page back to the original death count, and stated 8 million. The same guy who edited to 800 hundred thousand, edited that figure back.

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    Read the following webpage, on the Wikipedia website, my friend.

    Do you have evidence to support your claim that there were 8 million deaths, rather than the 800 thousand that this other person keeps changing it to?  If you do, add this as a link to support your findings.

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    Get to be pals with Jimbo.                           

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    the Thirty Year's War did have 8 million casualties, but that doesn't mean 8 million deaths. You may need to do more research - and maybe the other person is correct. 'Casualties" does not mean "deaths." 

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    wikipedia will ban him eventually.

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