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Does kratom become stronger after eliminating habits such as smoking?

Hi there , I am currently taking sertraline and started using kratom and it has changed my life, after I take it , I have NO social anxiety, I’ve built quite a tolerance I’m taking like 5-8 grams a day but so far I haven’t noticed any negative effects even at these high doses, tomorrow my plan is to stop smoking cold turkey , my question is , similar to how you stop smoking you get drunk quicker does this also apply to kratom? Should I lower my doses tomorrow or increase them? Also i heard a lot of people came off of SSRI using kratom but I’m scared if I stop the effects won’t help me , should I try it? Thank you all for your answers ! Stay safe :)

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  • Ludwig
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    2 months ago

    You have no social anxiety after taking kratom for the same reason I used to have none after doing tricks with cough mixture.   It is an unholy soup of opiate drugs,   which are not present in the same mix from one strain to  another.   It is like all opiates, addictive.  Withdrawal may be difficult and unpleasant.

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