Can you guys suggest me cheap 4k 144Hz monitor or 2k 144Hz monitor?

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    2 months ago
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    There's nothing cheap about a 4k 144hz monitor, but if you can afford a high end PC that can actually run at 144 FPS at 4k I suppose it might be for those people.  Just be mindful if you don't have a 2080 RTX, 1080GTX or equivalent you probably won't be able to get to 144 FPS.   Here's a list:

    2k 144hz monitors are more budget friendly but you would have to go with 60hz if you want to spend less then $200.  Nonetheless Newegg has 2k 144hz monitors for as low as $260.   Just be mindful you will also need a decent video card to run 144 fps at 2k likely a 1070 GTX or equivalent.

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    No!  There's no such thing.

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