Are talents and skills meant to be seen performed rather than just talked about in the performing arts?

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  • 3 months ago
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    Even those of us with long careers, stumble when trying to define *talent*.  I choose a good work ethic above all.  Then a fine education, then experience.  Nothing in music is of any worth until it is HEARD - which means someone has to perform it at a very accurate AND expressive level.  All my concerts and lesson have cancelled since March, and for the near future -and that really made me marginally depressed - but otherwise, there is DAILY practice in this house.  My husband battled thru, and has made great gains, on top of his already stunning skills.  I have been sloppy/sleepy - and need to kick myself more; I allowed myself to wallow in the whole pandemic/political mire, and my top skills are now *taking a nap*.  I can awaken them - but will kick myself for having this lapse.  But at least we are alive and healthy - personally happy, but not in A Good Place with my flute technique, exercise, etc.  Recognition of where you ARE is the first step in getting where you WANT to be. 

    Thus endeth the sermon.  Turn to page 1254 in your hymnals . . .

    As far as just "talked about" - well, most education gets conveyed in a mix of explanation and demonstration.  So does analysis, and discussion of style. artic, etc.  There are always people who just blather - and have no musical skills of their own to back it up.  We all need fans - and pepple who do podcasts, etc. - but you cannot really talk about every nuance of what you cannot DO yourself. The professional listservs I am on engage in productive discussion - and ones I left were vapid - "What should I name my new flute?"  "Can a get a shiny pink case?"  "Do I really have to learn scales?  They are booooring . . . and can I make the top wind ensemble in my HS if I do not learn all those boring scales?"  What is double tonguing, and how do I do it?  And can I get my tongue pierced and still make AllState on flute?"  You get the picture . . .

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You can't really “see” or “perform” a talent; you can have a talent and maybe demonstrate it.

    A skill is just the ability to do something.

  • gerald
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    3 months ago

    Those who cant do talk about it ,

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