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Is this regular unleaded gasoline that most cars use?

I’m going to get gas for our lawn mower and it says on the manual that it uses a fresh unleaded fuel with 10% ethanol or less. Is this the type of gas that most cars usually use, the one that has an octane rating of 87? 

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    Some stations sell ethonal free an thats is what I buy for small engines. If not offered at least get premium unleaded. A small amount of ethonal is ok for average use an proper winter storage. Once you start running higher amounts of ethonal it will clog the carburetor an all sorts of problems after that. 

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    With the little bit of gas a lawn mower uses, I would suggest using ethanol free gas which is available for a small price premium at some gas stations. It is useful especially at the end of the mowing season as it doesn't gel in carburetor needles and such with cold weather. But yes, 87 octane gas for a car with 10% ethanol is perfectly fine for a mower. Just run it completely out of gas before putting it away for the winter.

  • Eva
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    It is, but you'll do better to buy premium. The cheaper grades of gas can gum up the carburetor.  Premium gas is often advertised as ethanol-free.

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    You will see on the pump

    the maximum % ethanol.

    Some stations have up to 15% ethanol

    while others max out at 10%

    and some advertise ethanol-free fuel.

    I quote:

    - Regular use of E85 is low due to lack of fueling infrastructure, but is common in the Midwest.

    - In January 2011 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted a waiver to allow up to 15% of ethanol blended with gasoline (E15) to be sold only for cars and light pickup trucks with a model year of 2001 or later.


    - E85 refers to fuel that is up to 85% ethanol

    - E15 refers to fuel that is up to 15% ethanol

    - your mower accepts fuel that is maximum 10% ethanol (which in my locale is what you typically find at gas stations, but it might not be the same in your locale)

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    2 months ago

    Yes.  And you cannot use E15 (15%) or E85 (85%).

  • 2 months ago

    That's the one, yup.

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