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Is it normal to change what you want in life as you get older? ?

I moved to rural Pennsylvania for 3 years from age 18-20. I thought I would like the quiet but I HATED IT. I was bored out of my mind and miserable and depressed. I decided to move to Charleston SC a much busier beach town. I’ve been living here for 11 years now. I’m starting to become very tired of the hustle and bustle and all the tourist traffic in the summer. I went to visit Kansas and fell in love with how quiet it was. It felt peaceful. I liked the idea of being close enough to a city (Wichita) but being away from all the traffic and crazy. Is it normal to want less of a “city” feel as you get older? I grew up in a somewhat “rural/suburban” area of North Carolina until I was 18. I feel like in my 30’s I’ve begun to appreciate peace and quiet more. Is this normal?

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    People's interests can change. Some of it is due to changes in lifestyle. If you have a partner and children, your focus is probably less on a "party" lifestyle you might get in a highly urban setting. Today's suburbia is not the same as it was in the mid to late-20th century. Many have increasingly urban characteristics, but may not have the chronic traffic and other ills of the urban core. Add to that the schools are usually better for any kids and crime rates are lower. Rural areas, as you experienced, may not have enough to keep you engaged. Often you have to travel distances to get groceries or other items and opportunities to engage with others can be limited. 

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    While its normal to change your preferences as you age, to be more commensurate with your abilities, in particular, not everyone is the same. There are, for example, lifelong new yorkers, who wouldn't think of living anywhere else other than NYC, for the remainder of their lives.

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    Yes, of course our interests and priorities change as we age and as we change our life circumstances. Many young people enjoy the hustle and nightlife of the cities then retreat to the suburbs if they have kids and realize that most inner city schools aren't great. 

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    At my age, there is not much I can do about what I want in life.

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    As a rule, city folk want their lives dramatized.That way they can think other people are the reason for their problems, making them innocent. That's why cities are where COVID- 19 is more prevalent. Infectious diseases are like that.

    They want to think it's about social distancing and all the people not wearing masks.

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    Yes, that happens to many people.

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    Yep, entirely normal.

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