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Can the CHL survive its present challenges?


Between being sued for child abuse, having to pay mini wage, and no 2020 Memorial Cup, will there be much left of the league? 

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    Yes (it's still viewed as the primary pathway to the NHL as opposed to American college hockey), but it's going to have to make wholesale changes in how it operates.  A few issues:

    1) If you were to ban every kid who ever tried cocaine you'd probably lose a majority of the NHL.  I'd wager cash that your favourite player(s) have tried the Bolivian Marching Powder.  Young men with money, testosterone and occasional judgement lapses can be drawn to cocaine like flies to s**t (full disclosure-I've tried cocaine a few times when I was in that 18-21 year old range- no desire now that I'm closer to 50 than 40).  But forcing a kid to imbibe as a hazing ritual is beyond disgusting.

    2) Racial slurs.  Akim Aliu has twice ripped the bandaid off of fairly systemic racism.  Then Tony DeAngelo gets suspended twice for using racial slurs during a game.  This is all within the last 10 years. Racism is a learned behaviour.  Shockingly, DeAngelo's father used these slurs the same way regular people use oxygen. Players of colour/First Nations players should be able to play the game free of being abused for their race/creed.  Not a big ask.

    3) Hazing.  I've been the victim of it (forced to drink until three guys vomited and then we had to run from the dressing room to our dorm in our underwear during the dead of winter), and when it came time I decided we weren't doing this to the younger guys because it doesn't build camraderie/team spirit.  It builds divisions and screws kids up.  Still a massive problem and the "hot box/black box" is basically creating kids with sexual dysfunction.  What "would" work is taking different approach.  Make the rookies learn about the veterans (hometowns, interests, playing history, hobbies, etc.), and learn about the history of the team/club. Do teambuilding activities that force people to work together in a productive manner.  Spend a week/month with First Nations kids and see how the other half lives.  

    4) Compensation. Kids in the CHL should be getting paid more than their current meagre stipends (being marginally better than the NCAA isn't exactly something to be proud of) and their educational scheme should be improved.  I know..."but it means teams will fold!" doesn't cut it.  If they can't make a go of it then that's their problem.  

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    i would hope so

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