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How to fly first class / business class for the price of economy?

I really want to fly first class or business class, but I want the cheapest price possible. I've heard of people flying business or first class for the price of economy. How can I do it?

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    Dress in a respectable fashion. I have been upgraded for free, and yes first class or business actually is much nicer.  I always wear a jacket when traveling. I cannot give a scientific opinion on this, but the one blue blazer I own works for me.

    If it comes down to you who looks smart, and somebody in sweat pants and wife-beater shirt-what do you think the gate agent will do? You do not need a tophat and tails here, just iron your pants or whatever. This is not just snobbery; obviously bougie people buy more plane tickets than rubes, and obviously people who change out of their jammies or gym clothes for the flight have more respect for the people around them. 

    Actually; I was once on a flight to NRT with the Duke basketball team. The players wore their warm up suits and that looked good on them. The same look would be laughable on me, and obviously Coach K did not try the same. 

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    Check in late and hope economy is overbooked.Get a frequent flyers card as they always get preference when it comes to upgrading.

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    You can't unless you buy an economy ticket and are lucky enough to be upgraded. This generally requires a high frequent flyer status on a flight with unsold premium seats.

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  • MS
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    1 month ago

    Upgrades go to frequent flyer members, and those with the highest membership status are upgraded first.  It's extremely rare to get an upgrade otherwise these days.

  • Mrsjvb
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    1 month ago

    Be a member of the airlines frequent flyer club and get bumped up

  • Daniel
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    1 month ago

    If you get a high enough status in the airline's frequent flyer program, you can possibly get upgraded.  If you are at the highest level, you can sometimes book the upgrade when you book the flight.  Lower levels may only be day of travel or standby for a higher class.

    You could also just save up enough miles to use miles for a first or business class seat.  Some airlines let you use miles in conjunction with money to upgrade.

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    Upgrades are distributed based on seniority.  Those who fly more often will be offered the upgrades before anyone else.  Make sure you're part of the rewards program for a particular airline and only fly them.

    Otherwise, sometimes you can get lucky for red eye or not very popular flights.  

  • Book your tickets using the title Lord instead of Mr.  (or Lady instead of Mrs).  Then turn up at check-in wearing a smart suit and tie.  There are usually spare seats in 1st class and business, but economy tends to be fully booked.  If you look a suitable candidate, you'll get a free upgrade.  That means some poor Joe on a standby ticket can have your seat and they don't have to give him a refund.

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