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I don't want to work?

What is exactly wrong with not working? I chose not to work why is that bad? Not every likes working. I don't so why do many get pisssed off by me saying I do not need to work? It's a choice of mine why has it got anything to do with you? 

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    Find something you like to do, like a passion, and find a job where you are able to focus on that. You won't hate coming to work, in fact, it probably won't be considred "work" to you since you like doing it

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    if you chose to work or not is a Choice that one must make

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    For most people working is the way you pay for the essentials and niceties of life. And many people enjoy their "work" and find fulfillment in it.

    Now if you have no need for money because your parents still support you, or you won the lottery, or you like living a primitive life, or you'll never have a family to support, then not working might be an option for you. 

    However, sometime in your life when you move away from parents, you are going to need a car, a place to live, clothes, and food. For most people, the way to pay for these things is by working, having a job.

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    First you have to think about what you like to do, you find your talent, because suppose you start teaching at a school but you are not born to do it and you decide to resign just because you do not love what you do, my advice would be to find that that you like to do so that you like the job you choose.

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    You are right.  You have the right to decide if you don't work.  But think about this.  When in the future you decide to get a girlfriend or wife you will have to figure out how to care for them by giving them food and shelter.  If you decide to go on social services that's great.  However, if you receive social services you are getting free care paid for by the rest of us.  The social services are there to help people through rough times and help them get back on their feet.  If you choose to continue to not work and use those services you are getting care that other people could use and you are using a double edge sword.  So do what you want it is a free country.  Just know that if you pander or use those services you are in essence riding through life on the back of others.

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    Your question is? You sound lazy and feel entitled. Many people don't want to work but do. It's called being an adult and being responsible.

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    Sooner or later you're either going to work or be homeless and worse! And that is clearly your choice! Nobody owes you anything including your parents! When you reach adulthood and you choose to do nothing to support yourself your parents will eventually give you the boot as they should! Nobody is going to support you while you sit at home getting stoned and play video games all day!

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    If you don't want to work, why is it you posted this on a public forum for answers? It's not a question. It's a statement. And if you don't want to no one else cares. Don't INVITE criticism if you don't want dissenting commentary.

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    I guess as long as mommy and daddy will keep feeding you, giving you a bed to sleep in and doing everything for you - you won't have to work.  Remember, mommy and daddy will NOT be around forever.

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    As long as you buy your own food, accommodation and other necessities, I've got no problem.  Spongers are a drain on other people.


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