I think people opposed to kneeling at pro sport event's should not support the team's what about you?

I Will not support these teams. I am discusses with players who have backtracked their support of the flag. The don't card sho says kneeling ( has nothing to do with the flag ) it everyone ignored people keeping they wouldn't have happy either

2 Answers

  • 7 months ago

    People want to kneel let them kneel if people don't want to kneel then they don't kneel.... This isn't nazi Germany where people were forced to salute... 2020 people have a thing called free will... To say they should do this or that you are taking away the will of the people. This is not nazi Germany or the soviet Union if it was our flags would have the hammer and sickle on it or the swatizka

    U want a population of no free will and everyone to share ur views.. I suggest u move to North Korea Russia  or China  ull be in ur element amongst a bunch of robots disguised as people 

  • 7 months ago

    why are people kneeling?  and more why are people getting upset over it...its optional to say the pledge of alleigance and its optional to pray at dinner...how is this different?

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