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Are cities without a lot of posh hotel rooms at a disadvantage in becoming NHL bubble cities?


This is a theory I heard on sports radio today, I would never be clever enough to come up with this idea myself. 

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    In a word...yes.  

    Teams need full service hotels that can meet their needs (not just for lodging but for having meeting space along with food and beverage- I've seen and serviced (many years ago) team manifests for food/beverage requirements and it can be daunting especially with many players having specialty requirements- any NHL team might have players who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, paleo or more).  Limited service hotels aren't able to service the needs of housing an NHL team.  You also need space for team trainers/medical staff to work in addition to practice facilities for teams.  You need hotels not just for teams but for league officials, some credentialed media as well as on-ice officials.  And yes- NHL teams stay in upscale/luxury hotels and have done so for the last 20+ years.  When you're on the road 60-100 days a year (or in this case, being asked to stay for a period up to 60-75 days in one spot), being comfortable isn't a huge ask.

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    2 months ago


    I am hopeful the closest team to me doesn't get picked because we can't attend games anyway.  And it will fill up the hotels and makes it harder and more expensive to book when I want to go there.

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