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If I stop taking antibiotics for a bladder infection what will happen?

I was frequently urinating. My doctor said she found blood in my urine and gave me antibiotics, and she was gonna send my urine to another lab to test again. She said to take antibiotics and when the lab reports come they will tell you to continue taking the antibiotics or to stop. Then she said the official lab said there was no infection and to stop taking the antibiotics. I don’t understand how I don’t have an infection, why would the doctor leave me hanging like that after I told her I’m urinating frequently? I thought the antibiotics were helping me and now I’m terrified that since I’ve stopped the antibiotics my body will get used to them and I’ll get the infection again because of her. Also  I barely gave them any urine but they refused when I asked them to give me water so I could give them more urine. I’m scared. I asked the doctors office to call me back but they won’t. 


please read the context not just the question please

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    I wouldn't listen to that Dr(ever hear of "2cd opinions" & even 3rds & more?) b/c ANY "Reputable Dr" will tell you, infection or not, until U complete the "time-cycle" mandated 4that A.B'tic, can & often does lead to problems is various ways both to U & Society's medicines & Bacterium b'lve it or not..Ill explain..). But, pleeease- Finish out ur "course" of thm & thn load ur body(back)up on its needed pre & probotics in, esp'lly/spcf'clly in ur intestines!; 

    As A.B's kill (almost)ALL OTHER, 'knwn or unknown' Bacterium in(& some Xs on) the Body!, as said esp'lly & incldng ur Intestines(from the Dunedin down thru ur small intestines & large, not to mention "may"(some r learning)throw off other parts of the whole digestive system to even urinary tract. Unless they are strictly older type "Sulfamidic types", but even still!; as ur intestines & ph in the bladder too REQUIRE natural balances of such both known & unknwn fully yet 2 science chemicals & activities(etc.). 

    Yogart is the mildest way to do so; but IF ur Drs warn'g & u DO hve an infection(via Bacteria)thn stopping abruptly will cause it to come back & some Xs stronger/worse & even "modified" hence so many "dumb-Drs/Prescribers"(& *others* descrb'd in Med'cl Jorn'ls)hve created NEW Bacterium & strains of such, that are Immune 2 ABs(exmp, *startng in the '60 w/prostitues taking low doses of ABs in Pencillin form, "thinking(dumbly!)"tht doing so would ward off STDs" but actlly created a new strain call'd, "Penicillin-Resitn't Syphilis(or Gonorrhea-?)" -I 4get exactly now; 

    But ths has been an ongoing problm w/the medical indstry likewise!; as so mny Drs & othrs Rx'ing ABs either not tellng/or wrongly tellng their Patients to Stop, or over loading thm 4"any& all 'problms'" &/or their seeming issue has lead us ALL TODAY, 2some of the most(almost impossible)Newer Diseases to CURE!; by "Modifying thm w/AB over-use, etc"; 1 exmple is "AB Reistant Tubrculosis" & scores more! 

    So I'd advise c another Dr & to FINISH THEM(tho I am not 1 & knw NOT ur spcf'c Case keep in mind either!)! But all Drs "should" know once begun thry MUST be finished out!

    ..ALWAYS; Keeping in mind, they KILL ALL Bacterias in their respective path(s), **good & bad in the body**, & the Body can be thrown outta wack if not taken of such properly so then also afterward hve the Body "replenished back" to its normal lvls of "good bacteria" as in the intestines. 

    And Scientists know now if/whn u hve "intestinal issues" it affects evrythng else 2! EVEN YOUR BRAIN! So Be Advised!!My mother wnt thru wht u sound to be going thru & for a yr & hlf took ABs as a "quick answr" but it nvr resolved her issue as she has Bladder Incontin'ce as a lifelong reality she learned which it just created "symptoms" of Blddr Infect'n(s) & so "2/3rd opions/option frm other Drs & specialists, help'd do away w/all her constant B.Infct'ns & so ABs too! Bladdr Incontinence, which, like it or not, comes w/age esplly & some Xs is jst genetic & esp'lly after 60-70 far more so.(Note, there r a few mild Blddr Incontinent meds over the counter at Pharmacies but again r mild & weak BUT, might help! So focus there I'd say..Try bladder meds for Incontin'ce;& as she did too, tho it still is "a problm/grievance", a dffrnt path & approach by Dts & meds greatly reduced thes Blddr Infct'ns she was hving & then eventually led(srry2say but its reality too)had2 start using ("Descreet" tho)adult diapers now as she's at 81 jst a few yrs bck(so, yup it'll come probly 2 all of us eventually, that life, nothing embarrsing as these weren't "avalible desceetly so just 30+ yrs ago!; at least thrs some "ways" of dealing w/that if that come); but my point IS, since gtting away from the cycle of infect'n to ABS & so on, she's able 2manage & hasnt had 1 blddr infect'n SINCE gettng AWAY frm "AB's" & taking A whole D'ffrnt Appro'ch! Tho It took time, so I knw its frustratng(i rem'ber her yrs of "issues" as u describe to AB aftr AB thn Dr to Dr(etc), but u can still live a productive & managable Life!..& do so w/out "infection to ABs & thn its back again, to Abs to.."-ad infinitum!! But ABs should be last resort & not so "generously" thrown a'rnd as (seeming)'candy'" by Drs etc as theyre both throwng off/out of balance ur Bodys natr'l levels of various thngs, etc & r creating a smaller "window" of ABs that actuall r now fully effective as they were say just 20-40 yrs ago-Meaning- we're running out of "useful 1's to now cure what was simple just a few yrs ago!,..w\their "quick fixes"!! But always give time after a cycle of any AB taken & feed back in2 ur body pre & probiotic(some barely pass the stomach acid & r kill, so get good 1s & amts too!). Hope that info helps. Good luck!

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    2 months ago

    < body will get used to them and I’ll get the infection again because of her >


    The lab work showed that you don't have an infection, that's why you don't need them.  There is nothing in your body to get an infection from.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I've survived for 70 years and outlived many of my doctors, by listening to my body, not the doctors.  I do listen to what the doctors say,  but my body has makes the ultimate decision. 

    I can find ten different doctors to have ten different opinions. 

    Doctors mostly treat individuals like herds of cattle.  

    My advice to you would be to listen carefully to your body and do what it knows is right for you.  Educate yourself about your condition and you will make the right decision for you. 

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    The infection comes back stronger and your symptoms worse.   

    You will need even stronger antibiotics to help. 

    The worse thing to happen is ,. Sepsis./ Septicemia.


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  • 2 months ago

    If it makes you feel better, why don't you just finish the antibiotics.

    It couldn't hurt. Tests are not infallible.

    But maybe you should be tested for diabetes if you are urinating frequently.

  • 2 months ago

    Perhaps you're thinking about if one actually does have a bladder (or other bacterial) infection but instead stops taking the antibiotic before the prescribed dosage is completed.  If one did have a bacterial infection (such as a bladder infection) and stops the antibiotic medication, then the bacterial infection may purportedly come back and perhaps even worse.  

    However, the urinalysis apparently came back as negative for no infection, so taking the antibiotic medication when there is no bacterial infection can result in the person becoming more immune to the antibiotic medication.  If that were to occur, the person's system may *not* respond to that antibiotic medication in the future, if needed.  (Please only stop taking medication at the direction of one's physician.)

  • 2 months ago

    First, if the culture is negative, that is definitive, there is no infection and stopping the antibiotics is standard, no, you body won’t get used to them and there are no bacteria to become resistant, stopping is actually better as you wouldn’t be flooding your body with unneeded drugs.  Not sure why you don’t understand why you don’t have an infection. Frequent urination doesn’t have to be an infection. A small sample doesn’t matter as long as it was enough for the future which only needs a small amount actually, so it’s accurate.  Actually forcing more with water may not be accurate. So you don’t have an infection, need another cause for your symptoms.  Don’t be terrified.

    Source(s): Lab tech, ER PA
  • Ash
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    2 months ago

    Good news is that you do not have an infection. That's why doctor asked to stop antibiotics. You should not take it if you don't need it. 

    But the question is why do you urinate frequently ? Please check the info on below links on blood in urine and frequent urination. 

    Remember this is just a guidance to understand possible causes. If you feel there is definitely abnormal then definitely go to your Physician .

    If you still have blood in urine then you have to investigate further.....

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    it might spread that way

  • Rick
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    2 months ago

    could come back .....................................

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