A RTV silicone gasket maker or a bought differential gasket? ?

I've got a leak, and I am going to just go ahead and replace the pinion seal and rear differential gasket in my 2003 F-250 Super Duty Diesel.

For the diff I've been told a million different ways to go about it, and at this point I don't know which is best. 

Some have told me to use a RTV silicone gasket maker 

Some say to just use a bought diff gasket that is the right size

My dad told me to use both and put the RTV on top of the bought diff gasket. 

Any recommendations? 

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  • Geo
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    4 months ago
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    Please remember that there is NO PRESSURE in the Dif Housing. So sealing is easy. I use Hi-Tac to glue the gasket to the housing and use just the slightest skim coat of RTV on the cover. But you can glue it with RTV too, use a medium coat for that. Put the bolts in finger tight and walk away. Come back an hour later and snug it up, around 20/25 ft/lbs is the usual torque. Look up yours. Try to get a fiber gasket not a cork one.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Put a gasket.  Install and torque the bolts according to the service manual.  Check for leaks.

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