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Question about King David?

Can you please explain this to me?  The Old Testament contains an interesting contradiction in the story of the census taken by King David and the resulting punishment of the Israelites. God was so angered by the census that he sent a plague that killed 70,000 men. According to II Samuel 24:1, the Lord had caused David to take the census – which makes the punishment appear even more nonsensical. But an attempt was later made, at I Chronicles 21:1, to improve God’s image by claiming that Satan incited the census.

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    My favorite story about King David is the gay romance between him and Prince Jonathan before David became king as Prince Jonathan helped him become king instead of him. 

    When Jonathan met David, he was so smitten with him that he took off all of his clothes and professed his love for him, and David goes on to say the love between him and Jonathan "was more wonderful than the love of women" (see below). When Jonathan is killed in the action that makes David king, David begged the herald who gave him the news to kill him for the sadness that had come upon him and tore off his clothes and wept and lamented, crying out some of the most famous lines of the Bible:

    How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle! O Jonathan, thou wast slain in thine high places. I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women. How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!

    David marries many times, including marrying Jonathan's sister Michal, but never does he profess love for any of them, not even Michal, who does profess her love for him but he does not answer in kind. He only expresses love for Jonathan, and for Jonathan, he does so numerously.

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    The explanation is simple.

    Using the same wording that you have used

    God (i.e. "the LORD")

    ordered Satan

    to incite David

    to take the census.


    - God did cause David to take the census

    - indirectly

    - Satan did incite David to take the census

    - directly

    Note: you seem to be wanting to ferret out contradictions in the Bible. There are some genuine contradictions in the Bible...but this and the comparison of the two genealogies of Jesus are not among them.

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    David doubted that he had enough men to take on God's commanded mission. David should have known better than to doubt God. God had already cut them plenty of "slack" and David/Israel had no more left.

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    God wouldn't punish David for doing what he commanded him.  Satan did incite the census.  The Bible has been changed in many places who want to a) conflate Jehovah with God (Elohim) or b) make it look like God is in charge of everything.

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    If "Satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel", and 2 Sam. 24:1 makes it clear that man's and Satan's acts are under God's control, then the "dilemma" is resolved. Since God does not cause anyone to sin (James 1:13-15), then God's sovereignty is vindicated.  Ex. 4:21, 7:3, 9:12, 10:1, 20, 27, 11:10, 14:4; Joshua 11:20, 1 Ki. 22:22-23, Job. 1:12, 2:10, Ezek. 3:20, 14:9, Acts 4:28.

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