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Can some people just never do the splits?

I was on a dance team for a few years in high school and a requirement was getting our splits. We trained and stretched all summer. I was always about an inch off the ground and could never get myself lower. So my captain (not aggressively or carelessly) pushed on my hips to get my all the way to the ground. When she did this I felt a pop in the back of my leg where my buttcheek starts and I was in a lot of pain for about a month or 2. I tried my splits again that same day and it hurt too much I couldn’t do them. And ever since then I was never able to get all the way to the ground and I was always hovering, my coaches started getting fed up and annoyed bc I would cry, I was terrified of the same thing happening again. I’ve since stopped dancing but this year I went to the chiropractor and found out I have scoliosis because my left leg is 11mm shorter than my right leg. I was thinking maybe this played a role in me not getting my splits. And are some people just physically not able to get them? My grandma told me she did gymnastics when she was young and was never very flexible and never got her splits either. I get frustrated thinking about this a lot because I just want to be normal and I want to be able to have my splits if I want them or be flexible in general.

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    Normal?  Many people are not capable of doing the splits. You are not abnormal. 

    Your hips, joints and scoliosis could be the problem. 

    Never ever force it. Never allow anyone to force it, you could of done damage. Permanent damage. 

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    I’m so sorry these ignorant people did this to you. Not everyone is born with the same degree of flexibility. When working on stretching properly you can improve that by about 20% which is a lot. However as we all start from different places some people can never achieve them. The worse thing you can do is force it. It has a lot to do with your bone and muscle structure and the degree or lack their of, of mobility in your joints. Forcing can cause permanent damage to your body.

    Edit: Scoliosis probably did not play into it. Wendy Whelan ( retired NYCB principal dancer) has scoliosis and is very flexible. 

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