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Is it possible to change your voice?

My voice sounds horrible (and I’m not just talking about when I sing but when I am talking) when I listen to it recorded. I understand that how your voice sounds recorded is different from how you perceive it inside your head, but I don’t dislike it just because it sounds different, but because it genuinely sounds bad. I know must people say they hate their voice, but I actually DO. I am really embarrassed and anxious about it and I try to avoid talking as much as possible. Is it possible to change your voice (and I’m not talking about how you pronounce words or have for accent, but the actual sound of your voice)?

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  • 3 months ago

    Yes. Through the years the voice changes.

  • RJ
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    3 months ago

    Unfortunately, you cannot alter the basic tonal quality of your voice.  However, if you have a nasal-sounding speaking voice, a speech therapist can assist you in making your voice less nasal-sounding.   

  • Eva
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    3 months ago

    You can change the pitch to higher or lower if you work on it. You'll have to speak a bit more slowly to control it. The tighter your throat is, the higher the pitch.

  • Dformd
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    3 months ago

    No you cant do that 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Don't worry just take it in.

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