Is there a way I could remove that “Highly Alcoholic Drink” smell from my hand sanitizer? ?

I recently bought a hand sanitizer, its main ingredient is Ethyl alcohol. The label is “Fragrance Free.” However, the gelled hand sanitizer has 

an AWFUL odor. According to my (alcoholic) parents, it smells like tequila. I HATE tequila. I have a very strong medical intolerance to alcohol (I simply cannot drink any alcoholic beverage without becoming ill), and just the smell of this gel is enough to make me feel nauseous. 

Is there a way I could remove the very bothersome odor from this hand sanitizer? Such as add a certain oil or other chemical? (Also, I’ve noticed a lot of these “Fragrance Free” hand sanitizers that are suddenly flooding the stores around me have this similar odor) 

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