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Why does the bible say the Earth does not move?

 The Earth does not move (Ps 93:1, 96:10, 104:5, 1 Chr 16:30).

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    It's ancient Hebrew mythology with no real meaning.

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    You are


    capitalizing the word

    (and I presume: intentionally, in an effort to deceive).


    in the Old Testament period

    none of the authors had the concept "earth = planet".

    Those passages are using one of the other standard meanings of the word "earth"

    such as:

    - all land (as opposed to sea and sky)

    - all soil

    - territory

    - real estate (i.e. own-able property)


    You are also

    apparently (though it might depend on translation)

    misrepresenting the Bible passages cited.

    Psa 93:1 - "...the earth will not be moved." [note: cannot BE moved, i.e. (in context) by mere human agency]

    Psa 96:10 - ditto

    Psa 104:5 - " that it will not totter forever and ever..."

    1Ch 16:30 - as with the first two

    Finally: we have the significant feature that ALL of these passages are PSALMS.

    ALL of them are poems meant to be sung

    - as opposed to, say, scientific treatises.

    The Biblical Psalms are FULL of fanciful ideas, such as

    - wisdom being personified

    - salvation being characterized as a horn


    SO, even if a psalm were to teach what you suggest

    - The planet Earth does not move (as opposed to: land cannot BE moved)

    it could be easily

    and reasonably

    explained as just another of the hundreds of fanciful descriptions found in the Biblical psalms.

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    "World" may not mean planet earth, if the context affirms invincible and universal reign over creation. (Psalm 47, 94-100)  "The Lord reigns", Psalm 66:7, (The ultimate truth, and first article in Israel's creed. (Ps. 96:10, 97:1, 99:1, Zec. 14:9)  Biblical language has many figures, symbols, and metaphors.

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    It doesn't move out of the orbit that God created it to move in. If it did,there would be no life ANYWHERE on this planet. 

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    The Hebrew expression translated 'not be moved' is the word 'mowt' (מוֹט), and means, 'to totter or shake loose.' 

    The visual imagery used is of the ancient dreidel spinning at the height of its force and attaining equilibrium, no longer 'tottering' but appearing to be 'at rest' even at the height of its activity. Thus also the Hebrew expression within the Psalms, 'Arise to your rest O Lord..." (Psalm 132:8, etc...). Believers are also said to be 'entering GOD's rest' which implies attaining to our full potential, not becoming inactive. 

    The 'foundations' are also often mocked or depicted like columns holding up the world, but the Hebrew word itself is made up of the Hebrew words for 'heat' and 'compression.' Architectural columns did not exist at the time the words were first written. 

    This also predates all of the above, since the Book of Job used to be the 'Bible' itself, before it was presented anew along with the rest of the Old Testament scriptures. 

     31“Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades,

                Or loose the cords of Orion?

          32“Can you lead forth a constellation in its season,

                And guide the Bear with her satellites?

          33“Do you know the ordinances of the heavens,

                Or fix their rule over the earth?" (Job 38:31-33).

     10“He has inscribed a circle on the surface of the waters

                At the boundary of light and darkness." (Job 26:10).

    How do you think 'science' came up with its theories and initial inquiries? The Bible was the basis of study at the original 'university' system where science was born and Biblical Greek Koine remains the base language of its terminology. 

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    The World

    The Earth 

    Heaven are different entities 

    102. "Just as the images appear in a mirror and partake of its nature, so also the Cosmos is of and in the Self, and real inasmuch as it is the Self

    (So people build up castles and live in Israel not ‘IsReal')

    83. "Just as the magician's tricks delude the audience alone and not himself, so also the veiling of Maya affects the creatures and not the creator; when the individuals held in the meshes of Maya, see diversity and also discuss Maya.

    Tripura Rahasya 

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    The Men who wrote the Bible had no knowledge of Science.

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    7 months ago

    and do you see it move, feel it ,move,or to your perception is it stable and unmoving

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    7 months ago

    Point of view.

    Psalms is a collection of songs or prayers to God from King David.

    🥴 You obviously didn't go to bible study. 😄

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    7 months ago

    You are simply taking scripture out of context. What is means is that nothing that man can do will change what God has ordained.

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