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What can my boyfriend do instead of gambling?

My boyfriend had a gambling addiction. He used to do it with His mom, who passed away. He stopped for about a year but now he is doing it behind my back and lying about it. What other things can he get into rather than gambling money away?

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    tell him you have a 3 some if he stop gambling and lying to you just dont tell him the 3 some is with 2 men.

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    Let him get addicted to poking you more often

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    Gambler's Anonymous. He's not going to actively seek a 'cure' for his addiction until he realizes it IS an addiction. And you need to realize that this isn't how addiction works. 

    Addictions don't respond to 'substitute' behaviors. You can put the best or most incredible thing in front of an addict and they will choose the addiction every time. Because they HAVE to. That's what an addiction IS. It's not just a behavior. It's a change that occurs in the brain. The only time an addict feels 'normal' is when they are feeding the addiction, and the brain actually changes at a cellular level to support this. 

    He's lying to you. He's spending all his (hopefully ONLY his) money. If you stay with him, you'll have to realize that when he runs out of money of his own, he'll go after yours--or someone else's--to keep the addiction. It's a very hard decision to make--but you are going to have to choose whether or not you will support him through this and if it's worth it. I can almost guarantee you it won't be--but it's your choice. 

    You may decide it's not worth it--and in that case, do NOT feel guilty about your choice. Any sort of addiction is difficult for loved ones to deal with. There is help available to help you understand this entire process--check with support groups like Al-Anon.  They know where to get the help. 

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    get another girl

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    So you are asking what hobbies your boyfriend can do?  Based on knowing zero about him?  He can do absolutely ANYTHING, but we don't know him or what he likes or doesn't like.  

    What would be the point of suggesting he play tennis or Pokemon or shuffleboard or collect stamps?  You know him.  I don't.

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    I would agree with brake up and move on.

    You can not trade a gambling addiction for a hobby.

    He needs professional help. And he has to want it. Let him seek out help and get his act together by himself. 

    There is no future for the relationship. 

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    Give him weekends full of hot sweaty sex.

    And, send him to Gamblers Anonymous.

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    Dump him.  If he really cares for you, he will find a way to stop gambling.  (There are gambling addiction support groups.)

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