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Troy asked in Computers & InternetInternetMySpace · 3 months ago

Are there any anecdotal videos showing a law abiding black person being roughed up by the police?

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Depends upon what you mean by "law abiding person."  Do you mean that the person was simply doing nothing illegal and the police just came up to him/her and roughed them up?  If so, then I've not ever seen such a video.

    I've recently seen a video of a white guy just standing around during a protest and then get roughed up by cops.

    Keep in mind that there was only 9 un-armed Black people shot by cops in 2019.  The most common race to shoot these un-armed Black people was Hispanic.  The number two most common race to shoot un-armed Black people was African-American.  White cops were number three.  The source for this is the FBI's own statistics posted on their website.  Their statistics also show that white people were vastly more likely to be shot by cops than Blacks.

    Problem is that people are easily tribal.  This is how to groups can see the same thing and come up with two different opinions as to what happened.  You see this all the time in football games when a penalty is under review.  Often fans on the side of the penalized player will see nothing wrong in the play, while the fans of the other team will say just the opposite.  In other words, people often interpret what they see based upon their own biases.  You saw this in the O.J. Simpson verdict.  Whites were flabbergasted while Blacks cheered.  Now after more than a decade when emotions are no longer affecting their opinions, Blacks freely admit that O.J. got away with homicide.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Cops are humans and make mistakes.  The video below is of a traffic stop where the officer asked the driver for his ID.  The driver dived back in his vehicle for his ID and the cop shot him.  Bad decision by the officer. 

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