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Should I adopt or have my own baby?

Recently I’ve started considering in trying for my first baby. But in the past I was told and heard many others say that it’s better to adopt. To give kids in need a good home rather than to have more kids. I’m not against adoption, but I wanted my own biological kids. I’ll still love them either way. What option is best?

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    > I’m not against adoption, but I wanted my own biological kids.

    Have biological children, then later on consider becoming a foster parent.  Children who need homes are not infants, but older children, so you might adopt from foster care, or just provide a safe and stable home for children until they either return to their original parents or are adopted by another family.

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    I said you both like my mother dead if adoption to something you feel called to do. 

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    There's nothing wrong with having your own biological kids. That's how the human race continues. If everyone adopted, there wouldn't be nearly enough kids to go around. Besides, when you have a spouse you love, it's perfectly normal and natural to want to have kids together. That's just how humans are.

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      Have your own

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    The only reason you want your own biological kids is narcissism.  You want your blood line passed on, which is an incredibly antiquated notion.  It would be far better for you to adopt, give one or more kids a loving, stable home, and not actually add to the already swelling population.

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