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Why do wemon have the right to adopt or abort ?

It's an obligation for a man to care for a child they fathered why are wemon given the privlage to obvescate this obligation just because the child would burden their lives?


I don't want to be a parent doesn't excuse men from the obligation of fatherhood via adoption why are wemon being given rights not afforded to men

Update 2:

telling a man he is not a victim because he did not use a condom or get a vasectomy is  EXACTLY the same as telling a woman if she did not want kids she should have done the same or just not had sex.

its not an excuse for a kid that shouldn't exist leeching of the man because the woman tricked him

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    Question, why aren't men allowed to force the state to loose their contribution to the childs wellness if they don't want kids?

    Answer they are fathers are allowed to sign away their paternal rights just like mothers are they're demonized for doing so but they can.

    Why can wemon abort

    Because having a child when you are not fit to harms the child

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    She can sign away her rights, but the baby CANNOT go up for adoption if you don't sign your's away. You can raise the child, and she will have no rights if that's the case. Be sure to get a lawyer, and be sure to sign the birth certificate. 

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    In most states, the mother can't give the baby up for adoption without the father's consent. So it's equal there.

    In the case of abortion, does anyone really want a law where a man could force a woman to undergo an invasive surgical procedure she doesn't want, with all its associated medical risks? And how heartless is it to force a woman to destroy her own child?

    You know where babies come from. If you don't want to be a dad or pay child support, you have two options: abstinence or vasectomy. Either one will do the job for you. Pick one.

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    Her body - her right to do as she pleases. Men don't have 'rights' because the pregnancy doesn't affect their body/life - even in old age - the way it does a woman.. Did you know, during pregnancy the fetus/baby leeches nutrients from the mother? Many women pay for this by having brittle bones when they're older. Did you know a woman can reach perfection with strength and fitness - yet after having a baby, no matter what she does, she will never reach that level again? And of course men never have to go through the pain of labour. That pain gives the woman total rights over anything a man wants!

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    Don't drop out of school anytime soon.

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    Since a pregnancy only happens within a woman's body, there is no way to give men equal rights in that regard that does not also take bodily autonomy away from women. And I'm sure the lack of equal choice in frustrating for some men, but it's not women who are to blame, it's pure and simple biology. Is it fair that ONLY the woman has her health or life put at risk from pregnancy/childbirth and a man never does? No, it's not... but that is also biology. Until men can figure out how to have babies, all decisions related to the pregnancy have to remain within the hands of the person who is actually pregnant.

    As for adoption, biological fathers CAN contest the adoption and get custody of their children if they choose to. They have every legal right to do so, but they have to actually pursue it. One of the best ways for a father to protect his rights is to register with the putative father registry in his state. There was a time when women could make unilateral decisions about whether to place their babies for adoption, but laws and times have changed, and if a father wishes to pursue his rights to his child after he/she is born, he can.

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    i dont think they should abort but i dont see anything wrong with adoption

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