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If you fail the AP Exam do you still get the highschool credit for that course?

Hi everyone! I’m going into my junior year and would like to take Advanced Placement U.S History this fall. Since everything has moved online I never got to speak with my counselor about how it works. My main question is, if I fail the exam do I still get the highschool credit but not the college credit. Or do I get neither. Thanks!

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    Your score on the national AP exam will not impact your letter grade for your high school class or your ability to get credit for the class in high school.  The scores don't come out until after final grades are complete for the high school year.

    You also don't "fail" an AP exam. You simply get a score.  A score of 4 or 5 usually earns you college credit.  Some schools will give credit for a 3.  Below a 3 will not earn you any college credit or get you out of any college requirements. 

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    AP exams in May are for possible college credit only. They do not figure eon to your college application.  They have nothing to do with the class at your school. AP exams cost quite a lot of money to take. I have never heard of a HS that  requires students to take the AP exam in May.  But each HS works differently.

    You do not pass/fail the exam, you get a score 1-5.

    Most universities require at least score 3 to receive college credits. Many require a score of 4 or 5.

    Each university is different. Not all universities accept all AP subjects for credit.  And each can varying scores needed for college credit.  

    Don’t take an AP class for the sole reason to earn college credit. Take them to be better prepared for college level work. Having Honor and AP level classes on your transcript does look good to colleges.

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    You should still get the credit for the class.  

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    8 months ago

    You get highschool credit if you're passing the class, and college credit if you pass the exam.

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