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Why am i not getting pregnant ?

My fiancé and I have beeen trying to get pregnant for a couple months now and are having no luck what’s so ever. My periods are normally later than scheduled and a couple times I’ve gone a

 couple months without getting a period. Any suggestions to what’s wrong and what my next steps shout be?

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    The best way to become pregnant is to have sex at least once every three days anytime you are not having a period.

    When you have irregular cycles that you can't predict in any way at all - there is really no way to track when or if you are ovulating.

    Sperm can live inside the woman for up to five days.  The egg only lives 12 to 24 hours after ovulation happens.  Having sex at least once every three days usually means that there will be living sperm available on the day you ovulate even if you didn't have sex on the actual day of ovulation.

    Count the number of days from the first day of one period until the first day of the next period.  Track this for at least six months.  If you can find a pattern - then you might just have a longer cycle than the average woman.  The average woman has a 28 to 30 day cycle but any length cycle could be "normal" if it does follow a pattern.  A cycle length of more than 40 days could result in skipping months without a period.

    Most doctors will recommend that you try for one year before starting to look into fertility issues - BUT - a truly irregular period may be something that they would look into without waiting for that full year.

    Getting pregnant usually doesn't happen right away.  Even a couple with no fertility issues at all can sometimes need up to a year to be successful.  

    BTW - I had VERY irregular periods.  I could not predict when the next one would happen.  Sometimes I would get a period after about 35 or 40 days and then the next time it might be up to 90 days before I would get a period.  I have two children and NEVER had any fertility treatments or even any testing done to find out why my periods were irregular.  All I did was exactly what I am recommending - sex often.  My children were full term, good birth weight, and completely healthy.  I do also recommend that if you go for six weeks without a period that you start taking pregnancy tests once per week until you either get a period or a positive test.  Ovulation happens about 14 days BEFORE a period - so late or missing periods usually means late or missing ovulation.  (when pregnancy isn't the reason)

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    Took me 6 months to get pregnant with twins and 4 month for my single. It takes time

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    I'd been trying "get pregnant fertility tea" to get my hormones balanced. I'd been TTC for a year but due to hormonal imbalance, it was getting harder to succeed. This tea helped greatly in getting over PCOS. 

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    A few months is nothing, it took me almost 3 years and we were young, fit and healthy. Give it up to 12 months then see your doctor

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    You could both have your fertility tested now but know that there's only UP TO 25% chance of falling pregnant each cycle so not falling pregnant in the 1st couple of months is not unusual. The standard advice is to keep trying and if you don't conceive within 12 months then see a fertility expert.  

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    People think they go off BC and boom, they are pregnant.  It's not like that, it's not uncommon to take many months to get pregnant.  2 months is nothing.

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    You should see a GYN could be underlining issues such as endometriosis or cysts on you’re ovaries. Or you’re fiancé could be shooting blanks. The only way to know for sure is to go see a specialist. You can also keep track of your periods and when your ovulating. That’s what I had to do but then my husband and I just kept trying and we conceived naturally and I may be pregnant again. 

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