What are all the ways to become a paralegal in Florida?

I think I might want to be a paralegal but I don't know how to go about doing that. Should I go to a community college? A technical college? Trade school? I live in Florida by the way.

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  • 3 months ago

    You need to earn your paralegal certification through a 2-year ABA-approved (that's American Bar Association) program. Many community colleges offer this, but not all are ABA-approved. Verify!

    Note the massive glut of law school grads on the job market. About half of paralegal jobs now are going to law school grads. Also, most law firms and corporate legal departments have a strong preference for university graduates who have also earned their ABA paralegal certification. Solo practitioners & very small law partnerships typically only hire legal secretaries, not the more expensive paralegals.

    To be a good paralegal, you do a great deal of writing, so you need superior English language skills, excellent computer skills (not just Word). 

  • DON W
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    3 months ago

    Check out this website, particularly the section on education:


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