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What is it like to be adopted?

I always wonder how it would be like to be adopted because I hate my real family so much right now they all believe in themself only to care themself & dont care to help others but themself they even willing to let me be homless because they think im not trying I cry to sleep almost every night. What is it like to be adopted though ? I know some people has no choice like their birth parents just leave them at the hospital then they grow up being adopted never knowing whos their real birth parents are but maybe that is best. Look at me I grew up with a toxic family who only care about themself my birth parents never really knew how to take care of their kids so now we all messed up they always say your brothers is your worst enemy that is true look how mean my family is.Sometimes I wish I was adopted because your adopted family will probably love you more then your real family I grew up in foster care they were super nice never ever had any problems with a foster care family they love you like if you were their own child maybe If I knew more about adoption back then when I was a kid I probably would of ask them to adopt me because my real family are such pain in a a$$ who knows maybe I probably would of been a different person. Instead of being a quiet kid with no social skills in adult hood now I probably would of been a out going person with social skills having career job having a good life if I was adopted maybe. 

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